Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Micheal to return?

Brandi in Taos, New Mexico: What's the latest on Lost? Will Michael come back? Please say yes!
I can tell you that producers definitely have made an offer for Harold Perrineau to return in the new season, which they also did last season (Harold declined because he was working on a pilot). Back then, Harold was offered a truckload of money. Now, sources tell me he wants that same truckload. The question is whether he will receive it—hence, the holdup. I, for one, am happy to empty out my piggy bank and couch cushions and contribute to the H.P. Fund, for I miss him so. Who's with me?!

Source: Kristin

Thursday, 21 June 2007

LOST IN the AOL awards

AOL recently conducted a poll of readers to find out what they thought was the best and worst of television last season. More than 3 million votes were counted! They had to answer 20 questions about their favorite dramas, comedies, reality shows, and Sanjaya hairstyles. I don't necessarily agree with all the results, but that's okay. It's still interesting to see what got people excited last season.

Here are just a few of the results, to see the full list, click here:

Best Drama: House
Best Comedy: Ugly Betty
Best Reality: American Idol
Best Cliffhanger: Lost
Best Villain: Ben, from Lost
Heroes Power You Wish You Had: Time Travel

Click on the source link for a full breakdown.

Source: AOL

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

LOST the video game latest

Found this at Darkufo at long last a LOST game update and not a good one I'm afraid!
I've been looking forward to the Lost game which is due to be released on PC/consoles, but there hasn't been much info released about it. I was reading a magazine last month which said they would have exclusive details on the game in the newest issue (released today). I checked their website today and found no mention of it being in the magazine, so I email and asked if there were any details in the newest issue. The reply I got said:"We did indeed promise Lost stuff, and that was on the basis of Ubisoft telling us there would be an announcement at their big Paris event in May... which there wasn't.In actual fact, they told us that the game's gone into hiding because it's not due for release until the end of 2008!"A bit annoying that there aren't any new details, and that it won't be out for another year and a half. Thought other fans would be interested in the update. Source: Alice@DarkUFO

Sunday, 17 June 2007

LOST spoilers widget



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LOST actor/actress pain in the *ss

Bad news from the Actors-world of 'Lost': rumours are saying one of the actors (yes, that includes actresses too) is getting very annoying towards the others. He/she proves to be so difficult that no one wants to work with him/her anymore.
Who this mysterious person could be is all up to you to guess. Maybe we get some new facts on that subject later on. According to the rumours, this "person" is someone who has been pissing off everyone behind the scenes for a while now, and no doubt - if this is true - there are gonna be major consequences to his/her character if he/she does not let go off being a jerk/b*tch. But we'll have to wait 'til February 2008 to see those things happen.
*updates* According to Kristin from E-Online, it's not Naveen Andrews (Sayid) or Terry O'Quinn (Locke). We may have missed something in one of the last episodes, in which there was a pivotal line reffering to the alienating of one of the actors, and we could get a clear view of who they're talking about. The scene in which this happened, was a scene at the beach. So get those episode recordings out again and start watching. I'll inform you when it's been discovered.
Early reports suggest it could be Matthew Fox (Jack) but this may not be true!
Lost Spoilers reports it's not Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet).
Matthew Fox (Jack) could be a likely possibility, if you look at the pivotal line thing. In Episode 19, it was Kate who said to him that "They don't trust you", and with "they" she meant the other survivors. Jack had also been a castout for a while. Coincidence or fate?
Article by: LostMovieFreak

LOST season 4 latest

The wirters of LOST have had a secret meeting to decide the edning of LOST!
Damon Lindelof has said that Desmond is going to deal badly with Charlie's death, and the role he played in it. He will ask questions to himself whether Charlie would have sacrifised himself if he had not said "he had to die" to save Claire.
Sounds like emotional trouble for our bearded Lostie there. Always keep an eye out for more details of the next season, which will definitely be posted here.

Charlie and Kate to split?

Despite planning to marry later this summer, I read today that Evangeline Lilly (Kate) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) have split after a number of arguments which came after Dominic discovered his character was to be killed off, a source said "Being together all the time took it's toll". As far I as I am aware there has been no official confirmation from the couple yet, which will be unlikely as they were very reluctant to disscuss or confirm their relationship durring the time they were together.
Posted by: elz1990

Bens diary

Ben's diary click to enlarge/view

How LOST won't end

The recent comments from LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on the end of The Sopranos stirred the otherwise fading LOST fan community into a frenzy of discussion this week; at the center of the discussion, just how will LOST end? The varied viewpoint of fans on the topic is a testament to Lindelof’s stark pragmatism that you cannot please everyone. Some alarmist LOST fans were taken in by Lindelof’s approval of The Sopranos’ cut to black make-your-own-ending approach. The thought of LOST ending on a quick cut to black incited riots on fan boards around the world. Of course, LOST having never done anything typical it is quite unlikely they would borrow The Sopranos’ enigmatic cut.In fact, in the search for an answer to the question of “how will lost end?” fans had a tendency to either create a laundry list of popular motifs like the Hitchcock ending, the “Rosebud” ending (Citizen Kane), and the Twilight Zone ending, amongst others, or surrender to the most realistic option that LOST will end in a way that is distinctly LOST.With the recent admission that Desmond did indeed travel through time galvanaizing fans of the Science Fiction persuasion, one might expect an epic island-sinking close to the show. On the other hand, LOST has always been about its character’s complexly interwoven pasts, a fact that shows us less about why they are connected, but more of a sub-textual treatise on what they have in common – a need for redemption.It may be impossible to predict, at this point, how LOST will end, but the known facts are that it will end definitively, with no hope of spinoff or sequel, and will end with closure to its own story. Of course, the best thing about the ending is that it is still a long ways away. 48 hours away to be precise. Now, if we could just do something about the wait in-between.
SOURCE: Buddy tv