Sunday, 17 June 2007

LOST actor/actress pain in the *ss

Bad news from the Actors-world of 'Lost': rumours are saying one of the actors (yes, that includes actresses too) is getting very annoying towards the others. He/she proves to be so difficult that no one wants to work with him/her anymore.
Who this mysterious person could be is all up to you to guess. Maybe we get some new facts on that subject later on. According to the rumours, this "person" is someone who has been pissing off everyone behind the scenes for a while now, and no doubt - if this is true - there are gonna be major consequences to his/her character if he/she does not let go off being a jerk/b*tch. But we'll have to wait 'til February 2008 to see those things happen.
*updates* According to Kristin from E-Online, it's not Naveen Andrews (Sayid) or Terry O'Quinn (Locke). We may have missed something in one of the last episodes, in which there was a pivotal line reffering to the alienating of one of the actors, and we could get a clear view of who they're talking about. The scene in which this happened, was a scene at the beach. So get those episode recordings out again and start watching. I'll inform you when it's been discovered.
Early reports suggest it could be Matthew Fox (Jack) but this may not be true!
Lost Spoilers reports it's not Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet).
Matthew Fox (Jack) could be a likely possibility, if you look at the pivotal line thing. In Episode 19, it was Kate who said to him that "They don't trust you", and with "they" she meant the other survivors. Jack had also been a castout for a while. Coincidence or fate?
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